Monday, March 30, 2009

Holding hands by the water

I was walking around outside around the waters edge and watching the couples and, of course, thinking about you and I walking around, holding hands and laughing and talking. I know you are amazing, and I know I love you.

OK, so 3 days after he tells me he is is not doing well, he is back to telling me he is thinking about me (walking by the water and holding hands no less - isn't that romantic??) and loves me. He writes this to me while he is on a trip all the way across the U.S. Hmmmm, he's away from Bertha and thinking about cheating on her. Wonderful!!! What a guy. He is no closer to divorcing her or anything close to it. What a nut.

I need a break. And wow - I get one. This guy really is psycho. I always love to get blamed for something I didn't do. Up next: The library.

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