Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let the excuses begin!!

OK, so Lurch had made it clear that it is over with Bertha (and has been for a long time), his family hates her, he has taken off his ring, and he has asked for a divorce. So, what would any normal person expect to happen? I would think that at this point Bertha would be looking for a place to live. I certainly would - I would not want to be with someone who made it clear that they did not want me around.

So, I posed that question to him.

As expected, the pathetic excuses began:

"Yes, Bertha knows I want a divorce; I just have to do this my way. She must not know that I have found someone else, so I need to take my time with this otherwise she will take my house away from me in the divorce and make me pay her alimony. I worked my whole life to get this house and I am not going to let her take it away from me so I need to take it slow"
Holy shit!! OK - this is Cemetery State, not California where there is an automatic 50/50 split. You get to keep what you had BEFORE the marriage. Lurch had the house years before he ever met Bertha. She never paid a dime towards it - in fact Lurch sent her to college (although she conveniently never got a job) so she should be able to support herself and not receive alimony - much less get the house. The college she went to was expensive - I should know - I got my MBA there. Of course, I actually work for a living (and my company paid a portion of it).
I then asked him if he went to a lawyer to see if this could happen. Naturally he said he was too busy.

Next post: just how fabulous is this house that a 50 year old man has that he worked so hard for? It should be a mansion - or damn close to it. And what other surprises are there with this house?


  1. Riiiiiiiiiight. If you (being general) weren't convinced he's lying (badly, I might add) before, this should completely convince you.

  2. Wow that guy really doesn't know when to stop.

    And ROLF his exuses why the divorce proceedings haven't begun or why his wife still lives with him are hilarious. Wow what a nerve.