Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In case anyone is interested....

Our 'friend' is still posting at the other blog. This time she specifically requested that I post the letter in its entirety - probably should have done that the first time. So it is posted on the other blog. Just adds more credibility to what I have been saying...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's follow the money - Part 1

Studies have shown that between 75% and 85% of all pleasure horses (in America) are owned by women. In addition, most women are compassionate people and respond favorably to men who appear to have the same trait.
Enter Lurch. He, too, has observed both of these phenomenon and is taking full advantage of it. Lurch calls himself a 'horse rescuer' and and frequently gets himself quoted in newspapers and magazines and brags about the hundreds of horses he has saved. Not........
To me, a horse rescuer is a person who devotes their own time and money to saving a horse that is destined to die. Lurch portrays himself as that type of person.
The truth is SOOOOO far from reality.
This is my rescue (a ~25 yr old grade mare - blind in one eye and cripple):

Before (I wiped my image out because I hate pics of me with braces)

and this is the same horse - many $$ later in her newest pasture (she is wonderful to work with and has tons of spunk - I call her my spicy enchilada!!):

From the vet who checked her over to the farrier who trimmed her HORRIBLE feet, to the hours of grooming and day-to-day chores, it took lots of my time and my money. And while I like my vet and farrier very much, they are NOT horse rescuers. They get paid to do what they do and would not do it if there was no money involved. I am not trying to 'toot my own horn' so to speak, but a true horse rescuer will do it for the love of the animal, not the money they can make from doing it. And that is where Lurch and I disagree. Vehemently.

Lurch calls himself a horse rescuer.

I had a convsation with Lurch where he declared that he would only 'rescue' OTTB (off-track thoroughbreds) - nothing else. I asked him about other breeds - he said he was not interested. I asked he what he would do if he saw a starving grade horse out in a dry pasture. He said he would do NOTHING - there are other organizations for that. HOLY SHIT!!! He said he would let the horse DIE!!!!

Much later I overheard a conversation he had with another co-worker that explained it all - Lurch was bragging about all the money he made from helping to rehabilitate thoroughbreds that were fresh off the race track. Wow - he is in it for the MONEY! (Subsequent conversations with Lurch confirmed that he only took in horses that he would get paid to help retrain).


I also learned that there are quite a few organizations across the U.S. that are devoted to saving thoroughbreds from the race track and that they PAY people like Lurch to retrain them so that they can be adopted. Sounds noble, but if you will only do it for money and will let a grade horse die - you are nothing but a greedy SOB.

Of course, Lurch will tell you that the owns several of those OTTB's - what he won't tell you is that he kept the cream of the crop so he wouldn't have to spend any of his money to buy horses for Bertha for all of her expensive showing.

So, what does this have to do with his adulterous behavior?? Up next - part 2

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Lurch was assembled they missed a part - his heart

Why would I think that Lurch is capable of hurting my horses? Logical question. Here is the short answer. Lurch told me this story and I nearly gagged!
Lurch was created in the 1950's as the only son of a couple that moved frequently due to the father's occupation. One of these moves was out of the states to a small island. As the new housing was very small, Lurch's mother, Gertie, gave Lurch's 125lb dog to a farm where he could run and play and not be cooped up in the new tiny 2 bedroom apartment. To make up for it, Gertie got Lurch a smaller dog when they got to the new home. Gertie absolutely SPOILED her only son. Unfortunately Lurch turned out to be a selfish, cruel little boy.
He hated the new dog so he decided to get rid of it. Since it was a small community, he could not give it away or chase it away (he tried - the dog always came back). So Lurch decided to kill the dog in a sneaky way. He learned that small dogs easily choke on chicken bones so he fed the dog chicken bones whenever he could.
One night, after a particularly large meal of chicken bones, the dog went into Lurch's bedroom choking. He was in obvious pain. Lurch woke up, saw the dog was choking, smiled, turned over and WENT BACK TO SLEEP. And, yes, the dog died!!!
Anyone capable of going back to sleep after seeing a poor, defenseless animal in extreme distress is capable of anything! Especially if they think the law does not apply to them.
So if a guy EVER tells you a story from his past that is even REMOTELY close to this - RUN! They are cruel, heartless individuals who couldn't care less if they hurt you. In fact, sometimes they will do things to hurt you because it gives them a sense of power and control. You can't change them, so don't even try.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A new beginning

Sorry I had to start over - the last blog was getting depressing. I hope she goes away and takes care of business. There is nothing more pathetic than a woman who defends her cheating husband and presents what he says as the truth. It's like those women who marry men on death row that they have NEVER MET and claim that they know the men are innocent and spend their lives (and $$) trying to get them out of jail.

Friday, July 17, 2009

She's baaaaaaaaaack!!!

(See comments on last post)
'The letters you wrote my husband are beyond hateful"

REALLY?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did he show you the ones he wrote telling me how much he loves me and wants to be with me? The ones where he is unhappy and stuck in a rut? I thought not....
Text message from Lurch: "Well, darn- I called and thought u were asleep, so I plugged the phone in & went 2 trim Cowboy. I sure do miss u. Will b so glad when this is past & we can c (sic) what life has in store 4 us. U r wonderful...


And I bet he only showed you the ones that would make you angry at me. A smart move on his part - he deflected all your anger in my direction so you would ignore what he has done. He played you rather easily.
. .................................................................................................

I do not understand why Bertha is showing up here posting - that is just asking to be the focus of the blog. If the blog is causing 'intense pain' one does not read it, much less post to it! And it is messing up the blog - I simply wanted to write a blog about the tactics married men use to cheat on their wives using a real life situation. I surely did not want to get into a pissing contest with the gullible wife. I never said I was perfect and that I did not make mistakes. That does not change the lies and tactics Lurch used.

So, let's have a little background here. The type of background that I am sure Lurch would not provide. The letters (actually, snarky stories) started as one of my final efforts to get Lurch to let leave me alone. I was walking on a tightrope because Lurch was in a 'position of authority' at work and I seriously felt like my job was in jeopardy if I did not handle it right. As I had been nice to him, Lurch no doubt would have done EXACTLY what he is doing now - putting the blame on me (per the letter from the lawyer - Lurch claims that I am angry because HE REJECTED ME!!!! Holy Shit Batman!!!!!!) I have never in my life pursued a man, much less a married one. And I sure as heck don't want anyone's sloppy seconds - or thirds - or fourths........

I thought I had finally gotten him to back off and quit telling me he was leaving Bertha (i.e. - he would agree to leave me alone by a certain date and after that date, he would disappear and quit contacting me) Well, it did not work. That certain date? Well, by that date Bertha was going to be out of the house and moved in with her mother. Of course it did not happen. (And yes, I have a whole series of emails on that. My blog is getting totally messed up - I had planned on following this whole saga in a chronological order)

So when that date came Lurch of course told me the whole sob story of how things were not working out and how now he was hoping for a MIRACLE!!! Yes, that's right folks, now he was hoping for a miracle so that he could be with me. The miracle, of course, was that Bertha would be somehow magically be gone and he could be with me.

Miracle: An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God
You have no idea how I gagged when I heard that. I have never heard a more spineless thing in my life. Let me go back to my original postings -

What he really means: I ain't doing jack shit, but I'm still pulling stuff out of my ass because I want a piece of yours.

If he really meant it he would have said: I have an appointment with my divorce lawyer. No miracles needed.

So, what about those letters. I wrote a WHOLE SERIES of letters to get him to leave me alone. Letters about how lousy of a person he was, how rotten of a person I was, how crappy of a horse trainer he was, how awful he was at his job - you name it - I wrote it. Lurch had told me early on how he did not like himself/his decisons/his skills critisized. So I thought that if I wrote stuff knocking down everything about him he would leave me alone. It did not work. He said that he knew I did not mean any of it and he would ALWAYS love me.

Let's look at the fact that Lurch gave Bertha that letter. What kind of man does that? Most normal women want the type of man that would do whatever it took to protect them from any kind of hurt. That is what a real man does. Instead, he INTENTIONALLY gave her a letter (written to him for the purpose of getting him to leave me alone) to hurt her to protect HIMSELF.


I wrote the letters/stories to get him to leave me alone. The letters were not meant for Bertha - Lurch made the choice to hurt Bertha by showing them to her. What a man.

I LOVE my readers - you guys are spot on........... (well, except for one of you)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

You can't make this stuff up!!

Got a letter a few weeks ago from 'the lawyer .' Lurch and Bertha will be filing a lawsuit against me for the 'intense pain' the blog is causing them if I didn't delete it completely and within 24 hours of receipt of the letter. Specifically, they are claiming IIED - 'Intentional infliction of emotional distress' .


I am not making this up.

So, I have been putting together my case the past couple of weeks.

Ironically, I am taking some advice Lurch gave me awhile ago regarding someone bad from my childhood: "Don't let him win."

For some unknown reason Lurch has singled me out and decided to try to mess up my life - first with the affair crap and now with this. And to think I was actually nice to the guy!!! Sometimes you just have to take a stand and say I've had enough.