Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Strange 'Boyfriend' post

This was really strange!!!
Situation: I was at an industry conference and was talking to a current customer and had to call Lurch regarding the status of a job for that customer. The evening before at the conference I made several contacts for new, potential customers. One man in particular seemed to be very interested in our services and I spent a great deal of time with him explaining what our company could do for him. So, in my call to Lurch about the first customer, I told him about the very promising lead from this other person.
Timeframe: This happened after Lurch declared he loved me and wanted to be with me and before he divorced his wife, Bertha. Oh, wait a minute, he NEVER intended to divorce Bertha...........He just wanted a POA on the side.
When I asked Lurch about the message, he said he felt very jealous of the guy because I seemed to be quite excited about the sales prospect. Duh - message to Lurch- of course I was excited about the prospect - that customer has turned out to be one of our better customers - thanks to ME!!!! I also told him that it is impossible for him to be a jealous boyfriend because a: he is a married man; and b: we are NOT dating as I DON'T date married men. At which point he assured me (once again) that he was divorcing Bertha and he loved me too much to lose me and was going to 'take care' of business.

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