Monday, June 1, 2009

And so he starts his 'New Year' campaign - yet again

OK - so this was his reason he quit 'chasing' after me in November:
It had to be done on my terms, or it would never work. We were making me feel like a complete failure. So I "ended it".

"We" were making me (Lurch) feel like a complete failure???? WE?? What planet is he on? I told the AH to leave me alone while (if) he took 'care of business' (ie - get a divorce) and I am making him feel like a failure? Is he crazy? His terms: give him a POA on the side while he continues to tell me he is getting a divorce - any minute, just wait and see...... (Reality: the holidays were coming and I wanted to be with the people I really cared are not one of them)

Ended 'it'??- Lurch makes it sound like as if we were dating - only in his sick, twisted mind!!!

BTW - Lurch IS a failure - as a husband, father, son, friend, employee, boss, co-worker, trainer, human being etc.

And this was his reason for starting - yet again!!
It (ending it) was much easier at first, I guess because I was angry. But you were always "there" - always on my mind. Little reminders everywhere. Looking at news stories and laughing with you. Thinking of all the things that make you you and made me fall in love with you. Wanting to be with you.
Angry? I tell him to do the right thing and he is angry at me? What a guy - trying to make ME feel guilty. Wanting to be with me? Yeah right - he goes home to his (clueless) wife everyday and thinks I am stupid enough to believe he has asked her for a divorce. Earth to Lurch - when your unemployed wife is publicly making plans for the upcoming horseshow season (that takes lots of $$$) that is a clue that she has no plans to move out. How dumb does Lurch think people are? Or, the reality of it is, how dumb does Lurch think I am?

If he really meant it: If a man TRULY loves you, he will move heaven and earth to make it happen - no matter what. When a man tells you it has to be done on 'his terms' and he does nothing but flap his gums and try to make YOU feel guilty - RUN! They don't give a shit about anyone but themselves.

Up next - the 'divorce' list.

To the people who do not like this blog - DO NOT READ IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!!!! No one if forcing you to click on it.

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  1. If a man says it has to be done on his terms, period, start looking for the nearest exit. I briefly dated a guy like that and it was a stifling, confining, unhappy experience. Even if he does truly love you, his rigidity and refusal to compromise or consider anything different will make the relationship less than satisfying. And if you have kids with a guy like that...*shudder* My dad's mom was totally 'my way or the wrong way' and let's just say the sins of the mother truly are visited upon the children and grandchildren. My dad wasn't anywhere near as bad as she was, but...yeah.

    I boggle at the fact he continued to keep after you instead of trying to find a POA elsewhere. Persistent and dedicated to what he wants, I'll give him that. What a pity he's a total moron going after a woman who's made it clear she doesn't want him.

  2. That guy is actually scary in his persistence on not taking your "not intrested" seriously.

    Thanks for the blog. Helps me to know what to look out for in players.