Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Our Destiny!!!

In the spring I had to rent a car for a business trip.  This is the one I ended up with.  As I opened the door and got into the car, I got a shiver up and down my spine.  You know the type - the shiver when you think someone is following you or you hear a strange noise outside and you are home alone.  The type of creepy feeling that something nasty is around.  I shook off the feeling as being silly and started up the car and drove to my conference a few hours away.  The car smelled too - sorta like the smell you would imagine if you accidentally entered a violent crime scene - or if you got too close to someone who didn't shower in awhile!! 

I really didn't think too much of it - I just assumed that it wasn't cleaned out properly after the last person who drove it.

When it was time to return, the weather was nasty and I decided to use the navigation system to help get me around the city that I was not familiar with.  I was going to use a previous destination near to the town where I was headed as only a fool would put in their actual home address.  Imagine my surprise when this address (in yellow) popped up:

Leaping Lizards Batman!!!  It's Lurch and Bertha's address!!!!!!!!  For all the world to see!!  Of all the cars that I could have gotten, I ended up with this one.  Now I understood why it smelled and possibly even why it had such bad karma.  Which brings me to my point.....

Lurch used to point out so many 'coincidences' similar to this one - there seemed to be hundreds.  I saw a couple of coincidences, but Lurch seemed to find them everywhere.  Somehow we would be reading the same book, watching the same TV show,  going to the same store, buying the same horse stuff:  the list goes on and on.  I would mention something and he would tell me that he was doing/buyng/reading/watching it as well - AT THE SAME TIME.  I now believe he made most of them up.  Why you might ask?   Well he used to tell me that it meant we were connected/soulmates (excuse me while I puke - LOL) - it was our destiny and these were signs from 'above' that we were meant to be together forever.  Isn't that romantic??? 

(He also claimed we had the same Dr./ dentist /we did tons of the same things at the same time in our past etc...Oh please - I don't even have that much in common with my own brother!)

What he really means:   I'm going to tell you this bullshit because it sounds so romantic and I hope you will fall for it and put out. 

If he really meant it he would have:  see previous posts.  A real man doesn't need signs from above.  He takes care of business FIRST and doesn't lie. 

BTW - how do I know it is Lurch and Bertha's address???  Because Lurch drew a detailed map for me to get to his house............... 

Never trust a guy who doesn't back up his words with concrete actions.


  1. Just was directed to your site, and I have to say that "Lurch" definitely has many the characteristics of a sociopath or psychopath - takes what he wants, does what he pleases, uses people for gain, narcissistic, remorseless, doesn't care very much if he is caught, pathological liar, and lack of any empathy or true emotion.

  2. EEE I'm months late commenting I NEVER knew you updated *claps hands in excitement* you're like Santa YOU DO EXIST! ...still! LOL