Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lies straight out of the gate!!!

Total loss of credibility from the start!!!!!

Please read comment from Bertha/ 'Ides of March' on last post and my comment - then this will make sense .........................................

Bertha's first sentence in the comment section:

What I wanted to discuss with you was the removal of this blog.

This is what Bertha texted to me last month in response to "For what purpose?" (She had said 'Interesting blog. Meet to discuss?')

She starts out with the snotty "The obvious" - as if I can read her mind and know her motives. She then goes on to say "Learn more." But in her comment on the June 6 blog she says she wanted to discuss removing the blog.

Note to Bertha - if you want to have any credibility at all - DO NOT START WITH AN OBVIOUS PROVABLE LIE!!!!! People have a really hard time believing ANYTHING you say or being sympathetic to your cause if you lie to them. 'Learn more' does NOT mean 'removal of this blog' - it means the opposite. You wanted more information. And I provided it. If anyone else thinks that 'learn more' means 'remove blog' - please enlighten me.

It is beyond decency. I TOTALLY agree. What your husband did is beyond decency. How nice that we can find some common ground.

I am absolutely SICK over the content and tone of this blog. Me too! Another point we have in common. What your husband did is absolutely disgusting. And I have barely scratched the surface of what he did!

Who finds joy in posting things like this? Who is finding joy?

Your blog is set to strike out at others, not to educate as you claim. Don't tell me what my blog is set to do. Apparently you have not read the entire blog and its comments. Just ask Annaliisa. She is finding it helpful - as do others. There are plenty of assholes like Lurch out there - I think it is helpful to know what to look for and what to do.

Why not write in a diary? Good idea (yet another thing we agree on - damn - we could be best friends at this rate!) - this is like an online diary of sorts - with an educational bent.

Why post this publicly? To educate - read the beginning of the blog - it is clearly spelled out.

This whole thing is filled with partial information to hurt and show spite. Wow - and how did you come to that brilliant conclusion? From Lurch? The liar? The one who has something to lose - like his house? A POA every night? Oh please. Your husband has EVERY REASON to lie. What reason do I have? I never planned on you or Lurch reading it, so why would I lie? If I had wanted to show hurt/spite I would have posted the link to this blog on every local board around here as well as COTH. I then would have posted about the time Lurch had his dick out while standing on the side of the road trying to convince me to have sex with him. That would have been to show hurt and spite. You really should have thought that comment through. Are you really stupid or naive or desperate enough to believe what Lurch says? Really pathetic.......

What about all the e-mails and texts that you sent my husband? What about them? There is nothing that I have done that I am ashamed of - I would LOVE to hear how Lurch explains (lies about) those. Bring 'em on!!! No doubt he has you convinced that I was pursuing him and he was helpless against me.

Yes, we have them. Oooooooooh - So what? Somehow this sounds like a veiled threat - what do you guys think? And it sounds rather sick - your husband is trying to screw me and 'we' have my emails and texts?? I'm sorry, but that just sounds so totally fucked up. Readers - please help me out here - what do you think she is trying to say?

.What "uninterested" single woman does that for months?
Months??? You are truly sad. Is that what he told you? You think 'months' is a lot? Did you think I would say it was weeks or days? Sorry - Lurch chased after me for a year and a half!!!! (Damn - that is a long time - time just seemed to slip by!!) Again - if you had read the blog you would have seen where I clearly stated that I would have considered dating him only if he had been telling the truth about divorcing you and actually got the papers. (Note to readers - ALWAYS get the papers first - absolutely no exceptions - I don't care if his mother-in-law is on her deathbed - they are just lying in an attempt to use you and are desperately trying to buy time)

He is the one who told me it was a HUGE mistake to marry you on the rebound from his other wife and he was regretting it and that he was miserable with you. I was VERY clear from the first day that Lurch told me he loved me and wanted a realtionship with me that I WAS NOT INTERESTED IN A MARRIED MAN. What part of that do you not understand?

Lurch is the one who persisted in telling me that he wanted a relationship with me - the only thing I am guilty of is wondering how creative he would get in his lies to me about divorcing you. I told him repeatedly that I was NOT INTERESTED IN A MARRIED man - we had some very interesting arguments where Lurch told me he was divorcing you and I told him he was full of shit. He tried his damndest to convince me he was dumping you (papers first ladies.....)

Lurch chased me - DEAL WITH HIM - I guarantee he'll do it to you again, and again, and again.

Before Lurch decided he (desperately) wanted to get in my pants, I thought he was a nice person and considered him a good friend (BTW - he is universally hated at work - I thought he was just misunderstood - boy, was I wrong). He came across as considerate, witty, and hard working and in early conversation implied he was totally miserable with his life - later on he told me straight out that he was miserable and you were the reason. I'll post that email sometime. It was ALL lies to manipulate me and gain sympathy/trust. He is not the man I thought he was - he is just a POS.

Why do you post negative comments about me? What do you consider negative?

Why did you threaten me with your lawyer? Guess you found out pretty quickly you had NO CASE. By the way, on that phone call, you told me you would never contact me ever again and to never contact you - not that I ever would - 'I have nothing to say so talk to my lawyer' you said - and yet, here you are posting on my blog. Also, I bet you feel pretty stupid trying to fake me out with making your phone call a 'restricted' call - your number came through every time you texted me. And, just so you know, I have known your cell number for a long time - so it was pointless all around.

Interesting note - why on earth would anyone choose as their screen name (ides of march) something that means 'backstabber'? That is creepy in itself!


  1. My life sucks right now. I'm glad to see there's far worse problems out there. This blog is awesome.
    And just got even better now that the subjects have come to life although obviously some don't have muc of a life. Ha

    This reminds me a tad of one blog I had that I vented about a "crazy psychotic bxtch" never mention names and kept it vague. My bf at the times crazy ex started calling me and threatening me saying she was going to sue me for my blog hurting her feelings. I never mentioned her! Asking her if she was admitting to being a psychotic witch she went even crazier!

    Keep posting. This is getting awesome!

    I'm just sad that she has the same name as me and signs it the same way too

    -Kelly -not Pauls clueless wife. I swear!

  2. LOL

    I guess this is the epitome of 'grasping at straws'. Keep it coming!

  3. I love this blog. It really hits closer to home than anyone will ever know. When I read it, I can see the similarity in lies men tell to get what they want and know that it is no different for me. I think you did a post about that once.

    As for a lawsuit, good luck, no lawyer will touch that without a hefty retainer up front.

  4. You know I have been reading your blog now for a while, and now things have just picked up fabulously!

    Thanks to Kelly and Paul for providing the bloggy world with entertainment through your cluelessness and stupidity.

    Now where did I put that popcorn and comfy couch so I can settle down and watch the fallout...

  5. Ohh and the intresting show continues. Can't wait for more developments.

    And this blog definitely is useful in learning how to spot the players. I stand by that. It is one thing to know in my mind that yeah people lie to get sex it is completly another thing to get hit in the face with the proof and manuevers in how they do it.