Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's follow the money - Part 1

Studies have shown that between 75% and 85% of all pleasure horses (in America) are owned by women. In addition, most women are compassionate people and respond favorably to men who appear to have the same trait.
Enter Lurch. He, too, has observed both of these phenomenon and is taking full advantage of it. Lurch calls himself a 'horse rescuer' and and frequently gets himself quoted in newspapers and magazines and brags about the hundreds of horses he has saved. Not........
To me, a horse rescuer is a person who devotes their own time and money to saving a horse that is destined to die. Lurch portrays himself as that type of person.
The truth is SOOOOO far from reality.
This is my rescue (a ~25 yr old grade mare - blind in one eye and cripple):

Before (I wiped my image out because I hate pics of me with braces)

and this is the same horse - many $$ later in her newest pasture (she is wonderful to work with and has tons of spunk - I call her my spicy enchilada!!):

From the vet who checked her over to the farrier who trimmed her HORRIBLE feet, to the hours of grooming and day-to-day chores, it took lots of my time and my money. And while I like my vet and farrier very much, they are NOT horse rescuers. They get paid to do what they do and would not do it if there was no money involved. I am not trying to 'toot my own horn' so to speak, but a true horse rescuer will do it for the love of the animal, not the money they can make from doing it. And that is where Lurch and I disagree. Vehemently.

Lurch calls himself a horse rescuer.

I had a convsation with Lurch where he declared that he would only 'rescue' OTTB (off-track thoroughbreds) - nothing else. I asked him about other breeds - he said he was not interested. I asked he what he would do if he saw a starving grade horse out in a dry pasture. He said he would do NOTHING - there are other organizations for that. HOLY SHIT!!! He said he would let the horse DIE!!!!

Much later I overheard a conversation he had with another co-worker that explained it all - Lurch was bragging about all the money he made from helping to rehabilitate thoroughbreds that were fresh off the race track. Wow - he is in it for the MONEY! (Subsequent conversations with Lurch confirmed that he only took in horses that he would get paid to help retrain).


I also learned that there are quite a few organizations across the U.S. that are devoted to saving thoroughbreds from the race track and that they PAY people like Lurch to retrain them so that they can be adopted. Sounds noble, but if you will only do it for money and will let a grade horse die - you are nothing but a greedy SOB.

Of course, Lurch will tell you that the owns several of those OTTB's - what he won't tell you is that he kept the cream of the crop so he wouldn't have to spend any of his money to buy horses for Bertha for all of her expensive showing.

So, what does this have to do with his adulterous behavior?? Up next - part 2

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