Sunday, July 12, 2009

You can't make this stuff up!!

Got a letter a few weeks ago from 'the lawyer .' Lurch and Bertha will be filing a lawsuit against me for the 'intense pain' the blog is causing them if I didn't delete it completely and within 24 hours of receipt of the letter. Specifically, they are claiming IIED - 'Intentional infliction of emotional distress' .


I am not making this up.

So, I have been putting together my case the past couple of weeks.

Ironically, I am taking some advice Lurch gave me awhile ago regarding someone bad from my childhood: "Don't let him win."

For some unknown reason Lurch has singled me out and decided to try to mess up my life - first with the affair crap and now with this. And to think I was actually nice to the guy!!! Sometimes you just have to take a stand and say I've had enough.


  1. You go girl!

    The only pain here is him - he's a real pain in the ass.

    I know you'll smoke them. They have absolutely no case.

  2. Unbelievable! I wish you all the best in dealing with this ridiculousness.

    What a horse's ass of a problem.

    Good for you for taking a stand. Never back down!

  3. The only "intense pain" you've caused him is what any lying, cheating piece of scum feels when their cover is blown. Kelly's a) hurting because you've forced her to face what she doesn't want to or b) hurting because she's in denial and is furious you'd dare to say such horrible things about her upstanding white knight of a wonderful husband. *valiantly attempts urge to laugh and fails miserably* Whatever the laws regarding slander and libel are, I'm quite sure the truth (however ugly and unwanted it may be) doesn't qualify. ;)

  4. Oh Jayne~
    I am the one that is filing the claim. I have asked you to stop this blog, to move on with your life and to stop hurting me with your nasty comments. The letters you wrote my husband about me are beyond hateful. YOU and you alone made the decision to do this blog and should be held responsible for what it has done. YOU made the decision to be curious about my husband.

  5. Oh Kelly~
    Hello! YOU are the one that needs to move on.... Stop signing into this blog if you don't like it. The rest of us find this educational. It enhances awareness of the extremes that married men will go to just to have sex outside their marriage. You are obviously part of the problem. You are enabling this manwhore to prey on single women.
    Move on with your counseling. Let the rest of us learn from the experiences in this blog so we do not fall prey to pigs like Paul.

  6. Educational? Bullshit. You like that Jayne keeps posting half-truths and her version of what happened. It's like slowing down at the scene of an accident. NO, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Put yourself in my shoes. This blog makes me sick. Jayne participated in this "relationahip" and went as far as to be "hurt" when it didn't work out. She is just as responsible. I expect to come home to a bunny boiling on my stove any day. SICK.

  7. "Posting half-truths"...... and the source of TRUTHFUL information is Paul. Wow.

    "Bunny boiling on my stove" - fascinating. Paul told me that he had to handle divorcing you very carefully because he was afraid of what you would to do his horses due to your violent, unpredictable nature. In fact, he said that he was being protective of me because if you found out that he was leaving you for me, you would hurt my horses as well!!!

    Just fascinating........

    Thank you for posting Kelly. I really appreciate it. Really. Seriously I do. Please continue.

  8. To Kelly: Get your head on straight. Have you actually read the entire blog? She's said from the beginning she's not interested in your husband!

  9. “Educational?” Yes, that is what I stated and that is my experience of this blog.
    “ Bullshit.” Yes, you seem to be full of it. Your lying cheating husband is too.
    “You like ….” Kelly, you have NO IDEA what I like or don’t like. Are you now telepathic or just sociopathic?
    “You like that Jayne keeps posting ….” Yes, I do like this blog and support the author of this blog to continue it, but the remainder of your statement goes back to your sociopathic obsession of trying to harm the author.
    “It's like slowing down at the scene of an accident.” Your unfaithful husband is the accident and you seem to like to watch the video replay of the accident over and over again.
    “NO, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.” Then go away, once and for all. If it is so painful, then you must be a masochist. Any pain you have is completely self-inflicted. You are voluntarily and willfully reading this blog and then posting to it to try and hijack the real intent of the blog.
    “Put yourself in my shoes.” NEVER!!! I have too much self respect to be in your shoes. If I were married to Paul, I would have divorced his lying cheating ass a long time ago. Furthermore, I would not torment the women that were his prey. I would have moved on to a new, healthy relationship and not dwell in the pile of crap that Paul created. Paul crapped in your shoes and they are now filled with shit; I would never put myself in those shoes. You need some new shoes.
    “This blog makes me sick.” You really need to understand the term masochism. The author of this blog does not force you to read it or post on it. This blog is not even about you. You intentionally keep coming back. It’s like someone that knows they will get sick from eating seafood and then CHOOSE to make a steady diet of it. You need to make healthier choices for yourself. If this blog makes you sick, then stay away from it.
    “I expect to come home to a bunny boiling on my stove any day.” What is that all about? The author does not want your lying cheating husband! I for one cannot figure out why you want to be with him. Furthermore, it sounds like your man-whore husband is afraid to find a severed horse head in his bed that you put there.
    “SICK.” Yes, Kelly, you seem to be a very sick lady. That has nothing to do with this blog; your illness started long before this blog and goes way deeper. Please just stay away.