Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In case anyone is interested....

Our 'friend' is still posting at the other blog. This time she specifically requested that I post the letter in its entirety - probably should have done that the first time. So it is posted on the other blog. Just adds more credibility to what I have been saying...


  1. would be interested in photocopies of all of those too. You know my address.

  2. Why? What are you up to now? Why would you want copies of everything?

    Something smells fishy...

  3. You are right, Persnickety. This woman and her husband are taking me to court and she wants me to do her a FAVOR!!!!!! Talk about audacity!

    If she were serious, she would apologize for her behavior, retract the lawsuit, and give me one good reason why I should bother to spend my time and money sending her anything.

  4. Just thought I would ask. The photos are somewhat difficult to read. It's your decision completely. Don't know if you saw the posting on the other blog, but thank you for posting that first page. The timeline and behavior are beginning to make more sense. Simply - I wanted to read those others so I could complete the picture. Again, your decision.

  5. It still smells fishy.

    I hope you really are starting to figure things out though.

  6. You are right Queen - VERY fishy - this is the same woman who texted me to 'learn more' and when I provided more information, she and her husband slapped me with a lawsuit!!! No doubt she will use the letter I provided (that SHE asked for)as more evidence in her lawsuit.

    Timeline: July 2007 - Dec 2008. No doubt your husband would still be pursuing me today if I hadn't figured out how to finally get rid of him. Your husband is not used to chasing someone and NOT getting that notch on his belt. He hates to lose as this was all a game to him. He was quite determined to get a piece and didn't care who he hurt in the process.