Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Almost Back

I know it has been awhile. I have been super busy with competitions (we won GRAND CHAMPION in our last ride!!! wahoooooo!!!), work, and traveling. As I am at home sick as a dog today, I had some spare time to mess around on the computer. I will pick up regular posting after DST ends.

I was catching up on the celebrity gossip and found this story. This is probably the situation Lurch wanted (minus the kids - of course).

This woman truly is a complete idiot. The things her cheating, spineless, scumbag lover (more like - USER) told her sound like some of the crap Lurch tried with me. She needs to get some self esteem and quit talking to the bastard. Unlikely to ever happen - especially since her daughter is his.

On the Bertha front, it appears that Lurch has tossed her in the trash. Someone at work told me that he had scrubbed her from his horse training website (it used to be a lovey dovey couples horse training site: "Lurch and Bertha met over a hot, steaming pile of horse manure and it was love at first smell"; "together we have over 100 years of horse experience"; "Lurch and Bertha share kisses and cooties with each other and the horses"). I took a quick peek and I'll be darned, she is gone!!!

Actually, I hope that Bertha found some self worth, dumped the jerk, and demanded she get taken off the site, but that is unlikely as well. She didn't even have the balls to have a f2f with me like she claimed she wanted. Once a doormat, always a doormat. Fortunately I have not heard a thing from her since her last rant. But she does check the blog several times a day.

Remember - PAPERS first - NO exceptions. NEVER settle for sloppy seconds.

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