Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm a victim - Part 2

"I put her through school" ...Works PT for her best friend.." But doesn't get paid!!! LOL - the jokes on you, sugar daddy!

"Tells me we bought two lesson horses for her.....which I don't want" But SHE wanted them, so she got them. It's obvious who wears the pants in your family!! What a man.....

"Bertha has methodically pushed my farm away from what my passion always was and now I don't have room/time for what I want to do." Wahhhhh - poor boy - and you have no control on what happens at YOUR farm do you??? .

"And through her actions (but not words however) makes it pretty
clear to me that my needs or wants are pretty low on her priorities list."
And by your chasing after me, it is pretty clear that her wants or needs are pretty low on YOUR list!!! No wonder she does what she wants and couldn't care less if you are upset by her spending your money.

Does this guy sound like a spineless wimp or what???

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